Dave Noonan

Writing these bios is always hard; I mean, how am I going to convince you guys of my sheer awesomeness in only one paragraph? First and foremost, I am a dad to twin sisters Elliott and Eres, who happen to be the two raddest girls I’ve ever met. They keep me on my toes and make sure there is never a dull moment in the Noonan household. I consider myself a fortunate guy because this ‘job’ of mine, where I get to travel around, meet and shoot all these cool couples at their happiest, well, it isn’t really a ‘job’ at all. It’s this unique opportunity to go out and do what I love, so that makes me one of the lucky ones. To try and explain my style…why don’t you head over and peep my latest work on the blog instead? ¬†What better way to see how I fuse my love for landscapes with my couple’s love for one another, right? Some other odds and ends that make me, well, me: My love for sushi, Puma sneakers (I have over 20 pairs), Howard Stern, a good campfire, vintage film cameras, an ice cold IPA on a warm afternoon with good friends, traveling (hope to visit Ireland this year), Louis C.K. and new 50mm lenses (ask me about that one when we meet up).

Peace and love,


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