All of the Collaborators at C10 Studios have many years of experience photographing weddings both under the C10 Studios name and on their own! Although they all have had time training with Carla Ten Eyck, they each have their own visual voice and bring something distinct to your event! Take a moment to get to know each of their style and what sets them apart and see who’s work speaks to you the most! Whether it’s Dave’s sculpted portraits with dramatic light,  Jacob’s love of small moments, or Dorian’s keen eye for every amazing detail, and Sarah’s retelling of your day as a dreamy storybook, each photographer has something different to offer you. Have fun discovering their gifts!

  • Dave Noonan

    Dave loves photographing weddings that are a little bit outside of the box.  Whether on a farm, in a castle, in an open field, or whatever else you can dream up, he can’t wait to share his gift of storytelling through beautiful imagery that is timeless, bold, and evocative.

    Dave's Portfolio
  • Jacob Bergmeier

    Jacob loves to be challenged by new situations and specializes in family-centered weddings in unique locations like the Lace Factory in Deep River, The Museum of Natural History in NYC, beach and yacht clubs, and outdoor farm to table weddings.

    Jacob's Portfolio
  • Dorian Patrick

    Finding those moments and the details that tell your personal story. Dorian learned to photograph with film way back in the day; when anything he wanted done to the image needed to be done in the camera. He still shoots with this mindset which leads to a clean, timeless final product: the art you’re going to hang on your wall for years to come!

    Dorian's Portfolio
  • Sarah McCoy

    When I look back on my life there are images that I can’t forget. The look in my husband’s face as we danced to Here, There and Everywhere on our wedding day. When the midwife handed me my daughter for the first time. The photograph of my mom standing in our old kitchen with a look of absolute contentment on her face holding her firstborn, me.

    That is why I love photography. It’s real. It’s real people, real emotions, and real moments.

    I started out as a newspaper photographer. Disillusioned by politics and negativity, I’ve changed my subjects but not my approach. Tell stories.

    I’d love to hear yours.

    Sarah's Portfolio