Welcome to C10 Studios!

Welcome to C10 Studios, the portrait site for the gregarious… well, me! I am Carla Ten Eyck, (curtsy) it’s a pleasure having you stop by my portrait site! I know, I know. You may not love how you look. Your arms, your nose. Or you’re planning on losing some weight. ‘Someday,’ you say. I say make ‘someday’ now. Seize the day, create the opportunity to create images of yourself for your family. In the end, we create images for others, they aren’t even for us! When I catch myself feeling all funky and low and not particularly photogenic I challenge myself to rise up and just allow myself to be seen. The images I let others create of me are for my kids. See, they love me no matter what I look like. No matter if I did just put on 15 pounds, or if my skin looks all blotchy and crazy, or if I am growing out my bangs. They don’t see that. But also? It’s not like I am going to ambush you and photograph you from the bushes as you step outside in your robe to get your paper. You will actually hire me, we will plan a time when you know I will be meeting you and you will also most likely hire a hair and makeup person to touch you up a bit so you are feeling your very best. We are so hard on ourselves, let’s relax a bit, let loose and just…. be.

See me, seeing you. Available for travel world wide.